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The customizable talent development and community engagement solutions of StellarUp foster collaboration, productivity, and a vibrant culture of learning and mentorship. With StellarUp, you’ll unlock the limitless potential of individuals, driving sustained success and empowering your organisation with cutting-edge tools for continuous growth and development.

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Scale your mentoring program with our fully customizable white label solution, which enables relationship initiation and progress tracking. Manage multiple programs tailored to specific audiences with personalized content, communications, and modular integrations. Measure success against participation rates and participant engagement for a fit with any client.

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Our innovation solution helps organizations harness the value of their networks by way of a digital connection space. Members gain visibility and opportunities through messaging, learning, and connection, while government and educational institutions as well as incubators and accelerators get a streamlined overview of their ecosystems and networks.

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Our solution is ideal for networks and membership bases seeking to share knowledge and facilitate connection through collaborative learning. Our digital platform strengthens relationships and opens doors to job connections, personal growth, and community building, even serving as a CRM system.

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​​StellarUp helps companies unlock the full potential of their employees through sleek onboarding programs that integrate them with the company culture and help them connect with colleagues. Our digital connection and knowledge space boosts visibility and transparency, leading to a flourishing company culture and robust employee engagement.

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capterra satisfaction score


fortune 500 companies run mentoring programs

1 in 5

women in tech have a career mentor


higher chance of promotion as a result of mentoring

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Meet the founders

Estelle Roux

CEO & Co-Founder - Estelle has always enjoyed challenging the status quo. As a female founder and entrepreneur, she is committed to giving others the opportunity to experience the power of mentoring and community building. Her passion for Scale-ups can be traced back as far back as her first HR role working for a London-based energy company. Through her love for mentoring and creative leadership style, Estelle has transformed small teams into world-class, high-performing Talent Acquisition and People Operations teams.

Julian Stevens

CTO & Co-Founder - Julian is a passionate solutions architect, database administrator and full stack developer focussing on Ruby on Rails and AWS infrastructure. He has extensive experience in Internet-based technical application architecture and product development. Julian loves to work with businesses to identify new product and integration opportunities, he also helps to scale existing product sets for growth or investment.

Community Building Experts

At StellarUp, our vision is to make mentorship and a sense of community accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or experience level, empowering individuals to reach their full potential through connections with experienced mentors, meaningful contributions, practical training programs, and a supportive knowledge-sharing community. As the trusted choice for organisations dedicated to prioritising community, we take pride in our commitment to making a meaningful impact in the world by celebrating differences, fostering collaboration, and empowering individuals.

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With our powerful tools, community managers streamline responsibilities, automate tasks, and focus on driving business growth, productivity, and meaningful connections, resulting in elevated efficiency, improved productivity, and strengthened community engagement.

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