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About Us

At StellarUp we believe individuals can more easily achieve their full potential by connecting with compatible mentors, completing practical training programs, and contributing to a supportive community of knowledge sharing.

Our Mission

It is our mission to help organisations create diverse and inclusive communities that recognise the inherent potential in our differences and encourage collaboration, allowing individuals to thrive in connection and reach their goals through the power of mentorship and community.

In order to succeed in our mission we have developed the most feature rich, capable, and reliable mentoring and community building platform available to date. StellarUp is expertly designed to allow organisations to facilitate meaningful mentorship relations, track individual and organisational goals and host deliverables that effectively enable members to develop the skills, knowledge and connections they need to excel in their personal and professional lives.

Our Vision

Genuine collaboration helps people of all levels of expertise overcome obstacles, learn new skills, and grow personally and professionally.

At StellarUp, we endeavour to bring people together to share their experience and reach their full potential. With access to digital resources and a focus on community, we provide limitless opportunities to learn and grow.

Growing always in all ways

StellarUp, originally known as Mentorjam, emerged as a mentoring platform designed to facilitate connections between mentors and mentees, while also providing a framework for monitoring their relationships and progress.

As the platform developed, additional features were integrated, including community management tools and group learning capabilities. This gradual expansion transformed StellarUp into a comprehensive platform that offers unparalleled features for mentoring, community management, and knowledge sharing. To reflect its elevated richness and versatility the platform underwent a rebranding, culminating in its current incarnation as StellarUp.

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